The System

The BILDA system and technology are based on three basic innovations: the precision slot in the façade panel, the Lego-like simple connections between all system components, and the closed section square profile.

Three Pillars of BILDA

BILDA is an innovative system and technology for fixing any cladding and insulation. BILDA provides advantages for all stakeholders in the building envelope process.


Quick and easy to assemble, the system has a low learning curve.
All elements of BILDA are self-guiding, self-aligning and interlocking. This means less measurements and fewer installation steps, and guaranteed coupling of the elements on the building site. The result – rapid assembly, minimized errors, optimal performance and low installation costs.


Side and rear fixing clips ensure mechanical fixing of:

  • any material – solid, pressed or extruded ceramic stone, composite panels, HPL panels, GFRC, solar panels
  • any thickness – from 6 to 80 mm
  • any cut type(socket) – precision side slot, inclined rear slot, side hole, undercut anchor
  • back frame furring – for thin & large format panels

Sustainable and Serviceable

Efficient design that saves resources and simplifies maintenance.

  • BILDA Facade components are extruded in New Zealand using renewable energy, significantly reducing carbon emissions 
  • Not only recyclable (due to its aluminium substructure), but also 100% reusable.
  • Lighter substructure and less thermal bridging
  • Use of thinner panels (saving materials)
  • Ease of maintenance, which increases the serviceable lifespan of the building envelope.
  • Convenient to fix solar panels & blinds – due to modular, interlocking

Broken panel replacement

Compliant with AS/NZS 4284

BILDA Facade system was tested under AS/NZS 4284 standard, showing outstanding structiral stability and seismic performance. 

Vertical Assembly

Horizontal Assembly

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