BILDA Facade System

Redefining Architectural Excellence

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At BILDA, we specialize in revolutionizing building exteriors with our cutting-edge facade systems. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior design, we cater to the unique architectural needs of both residential and commercial projects in New Zealand and Australia.


Versatile and adaptable, the BILDA facade system is designed to accommodate all types of cladding materials, offering a universal solution for any architectural project. From traditional to contemporary, our system seamlessly integrates with various cladding materials, ensuring exceptional performance and aesthetics across the board

Why choose BILDA ?


We stay ahead of the curve by continuously researching and developing new technologies to enhance our facade systems.


We are committed to environmentally friendly practices, offering facade solutions that minimize environmental impact without compromising on performance.

Facade Design and Consultation

Our experienced team works closely with architects, builders, and developers to create customized facade designs that meet the unique requirements of each project.



BILDA saves you money by optimizing its components. With efficient design and smart engineering, we ensure high-quality results without breaking the bank, making it a cost-effective choice for your building project

Fast Installation

BILDA is all about speed! It’s made to go up fast, which means less time and money spent on construction. With simple parts and an easy setup, your building project will be done in a flash


BILDA is universal, meaning it’s compatible with a wide range of building materials and styles. Whether you prefer traditional or modern finishes, BILDA can adapt, making it ideal for any project, big or small

Project-specific design 

From concept to completion

Used  worldwide

BILDA is used in over 20 countries in EU, USA and the Middle East.

Patented internationally

by facade professionals with over 30 years of experience

100% Reusable

Fully recyclable, as well as completely reusable

The story behind BILDA

The system is based on 30 years of international experience in facade engineering and installation. DipArch Damian Stoyanov and the STOA team noticed that traditionally every facade fixing system is developed by craftsmen working in stone, ceramics, wood cladding industries with little overlap. This is why they prototyped, tested and kept developing the innovative, next generation cladding system.

The innovation

The BILDA system and technology is based on three basic innovations:

  1. The precision slot in the façade panel
  2. The Lego-like simple connections 
  3. The closed section square profile.

All elements of BILDA are self-guiding, self-aligning, and interlocking. This means less measurements and fewer  installation steps. The result – rapid assembly, minimized errors, optimal performance and low installation cost.

Depending on the specifics on the project and comparing with conventional brackets and T-rail facade systems, we regularly achieve up to:

Less installation time
1 %
savings on facade materials
1 %
less contact with the primary structure
1 times

Our Services

Concept Design Support

The designer is creating a vision for the façade, then assembles the right solutions to make it happen. We are here to help find the specific solution for your project. We provide systems and materials advise, initial budget, technical support

Shop Drawings

Once the concept design is narrowed down, we sign a contract. Then we develop all the details - engineering calculations, CAD drawings for Building Consent, project specific PS1 for design. Where required, we can arrange a peer review and PS2 for our design

Manufacture and Installation

Off-site prefabrication, delivery to site and materials distribution. Full project management - develop project specific construction program and methodology, installation by our trained facade contractor

Construction monitoring and completion

Progress inspections, QA program, final inspection and certification. PS3 issued at the end of the installation.

Our partners

Rado Botev – Managing Director

About us

BILDA façade system is based on over 30 years of façade engineering and installation.

The team at BILDA NZ  has over 28 years of international experience in working on external envelopes, with the last 14 years focused on the specific New Zealand conditions and local building requirements. 

Our philosophy is to supplement the BILDA Know-How with engagement of local companies to extrude and fabricate our patented components, we work with local façade and structural engineering companies to ensure flawless design, construction, and compliance process for every individual project. 
In this way, we believe the benefits of using BILDA are not limited to the agent only, but extended to local manufacturers and fabricators.

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